A system matched to the developmental needs of children, fit for the 21st Century.

Middle schools systems avoid the problems associated with transfer at age 11, when children are at their most vulnerable through changes associated with puberty, and offer schools organised around the developmental needs of the children they serve.


Upper Schools within three tier systems, for example, are institutions with a more adult climate and ethos, one appropriate to the delivery of the 14 to 19 curriculum. First schools can create the nurturing environment appropriate to the needs of young children, while middle schools are able to offer wider opportunities to pupils from the age of eight or nine with a degree of more specialist teaching and access to specialist teaching spaces.

Latest additions to website: September 2016

Middle Schools Directory 2016 and summary of Ofsted outcomes

An excel worksheet which contains a list of all middle schools open in September 2016, together with hotlinks to the Ofsted and DfE pages for each school. These Ofsted and DfE pages then give other links to Edubase and Performance table pages for each school.
The file also summarises the outcomes of the latest Ofsted inspections for each school and an analysis of trends in Ofsted outcomes over time which shows the proportion of middle schools in RI or special measures has been reducing over the last two years.

Middle Schools Directory 2016 - download

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Conference 2016

Presentations from our 2016 Conference can be downloaded from the 'Conference Reports' page.

Middle School Matters Booklet for parents

  A booklet for parents explaining middle schools and setting the national context for our schools.
  The booklet is available to download in two versions

  - Low resolution - suitable for parents to download from your website and view on screen - download

  - High resolution - printers proof - suitable for high quality printing - download

Guidance for Inspection of Middle Schools

The guidance on the inspection of middle schools is now contained in paragraph 185 of the New Inspection Handbook published in June 2015 available on the Oftsed website.


The previous guidance for the inspection of middle schools is available here - download

New Middle School Directory 2016

New - a spreadsheet - all middle schools for 2016/17 with links to Ofsted and DfE pages for each school - download

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